Lucky Andi Archives: 20 Things Every Twentysomething Should Know How to Do

Posted on: Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I shared this blog post three years ago and wanted to re-share today! The post was originally from RELEVANT Magazine. Back then, my favorites were #1 (yay breakfast!), #3 (love talking to my grandparents on the phone), #6 (spending less time on my phone is a good thing), #14 (more sleep! always!) and #19 (slooooow down. life is not an emergency). Now, I still love all of those reminders, but also have learned to appreciate #4 (forced to learn to do this in SF on hills!), #17 (as an extrovert, this is a work in progress, but spending time alone has become more enjoyable for me over time) and #20 (close friends, especially those who have known me throughout different life chapters and seasons, are the best gift).

I hope you enjoy!

1. Make a Great Breakfast
Ideally, you should be able to craft a great meal for any occasion, but this is the most important meal of the day and so, it’s the one you should have down. Use real butter, large eggs, fresh mushrooms, cheese, whatever, but know the ins and outs and invite a lot of people over to eat it with you regularly.

2. Argue Kindly
An increasingly rare trait, but you’ll be better for it. Learn how to have your own opinions (and make sure they’re actually yours—not just something you “heard somewhere”) and how to put them firmly and politely, in a way that invites spirited conversation. It’s a rare and wonderful thing.

3. Hold a Conversation With Someone of Any Age
Whether the person you’re talking to is eight or 80, you should be able to hold a meaningful, intentional conversation with them. Remember to ask a lot of questions, be more interested in who they are than in who you are, and strive to make their day.

4. Parallel Park
Nothing menial about it, and not nearly as hard as it looks. Practice a little. Become an expert. Dazzle your friends.

5. Defend Your Media Choices
Whether you like Kendrick, Kings of Leon or Ke$ha, you should be able to articulate why. The media we consume affects us, and you should be able to explain to yourself why you’re listening, watching and reading the things that you are.

6. Limit Your Online Life
This cannot be over-emphasized. The inability to manage an online presence has toppled promising careers and made fools out of otherwise competent individuals. You should have a good grip on how often you use social media and what you’re using it for. If you find most of your free time spent on the Internet, it’s time to make some choices. If you’re checking your phone at every awkward pause, delete that Facebook app.

7. Approach a Stranger
Whether it’s for directions, a favor or even just to pass the time on an airplane, knowing how to strike up a conversation out of the blue is a marvelous skill. Ask them questions (don’t lead with information about yourself), be approachable (not aggressive) and look for clues that they’d rather be left alone.

8. Stand Up for Yourself
Whether it’s your boss shooting down an idea before you’ve explained it or a guy shouting rude comments as you’re walking by, you should know how to keep from getting walked over.

9. Say “I Was Wrong”
A relationship squabble. A professional tiff. A theological debate. Whatever it is, you should always be looking for where you might have messed up. “I was wrong” is a magical little sentence that diffuses conflict and brings peace to any situation. You should have it at the top of your go-to phrases.

10. Brew a Great Cup of Coffee or Tea
Look. Once and for all, turning on the coffeemaker and brewing a pot of coffee is totally fine. But you should also be aware how to make a perfect cup of coffee or tea. For yourself. For your friends. Do a little reading. Perfect your technique. It’s a skill you’ll be glad you have forever.

11. Tip Generously
What’s just an extra buck or two to you can completely make your server’s day. Make it a habit to tip generously and, if you’re really feeling daring, write a brief thank you note on your check.

12. Maintain a Mentor
Your twenties are a great time to invest in a mentor. Find someone you want to be like—be it your pastor, a friend or even a peer—and commit to meeting with them regularly. It takes a little humility and a lot of dedication, but there is no ceiling to the value it will add to your life.

13. Bite Your Tongue
Know how to pick your battles. It’s OK for you to be right without getting everyone to admit you’re right. It’s OK for you to be offended by something without everyone knowing you’re offended. Understand when you should go to bat for what you’re thinking and when you can let it go.

14. Stay Well Rested
Late nights will come (if you’ve got kids, they’ll come pretty frequently) but our generation has forgotten the value in a good night’s sleep. Push yourself to go to bed earlier. Utilize your downtime wisely. Resting is just as important as being productive. In fact, you’ll be more productive if you are resting well and often.

15. Respond to Criticism
Defending yourself against criticism is easy. Graciously accepting it is harder, but the improvements it can make to your life and work are wild. Remember that criticism usually isn’t meant to be a personal attack and, if you can learn to take it in the spirit it’s offered, people will have fewer things to criticize you about in the future.

16. Write a Cover Letter
Filling out an application is a pretty simple process but, in all likelihood, the job you really want is going to take more than a list of references and previous employers. Cover letters require some effort, but it can be the difference between “don’t call us, we’ll call you” and “when can you start?”

17. Be Alone
The Millennial generation prizes community, which is very good, but it tends to come at the cost of fearing loneliness. The truth is, being alone can do you a lot of good. Be able to sit quietly—reading, writing, praying or just listening to the silence—and use that time to truly evaluate how your spirit is. Loneliness is exercise for your heart. Do it regularly.

18. Recommend a Book, Movie or Album
It’s harder than it sounds. It’s easy to sound like a pretentious snob or a gushing fan when you’re telling someone to check out something you love. Be able to explain not only why you love something, but why you think someone else would love it.

19. Prioritize the Important Over the Urgent
There are two types of demands on your life. The first and easiest to focus on are the urgent: paying your rent, getting ahead in work, etc. The second and much harder to tackle are the important: your spiritual life, your relationship with your family and looking after the health of your soul. Know the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important, and know which one matters more.

20. Hold on to a Good Friend
There’s going to be a lot of transition in your twenties as both you and your friends float from job to job and location to location. You’ll have to say a lot of good bye’s in the midst of it all, but you should know when you’ve found the rare friend who you don’t want to lose, and you should be able to prioritize staying in touch with them beyond the occasional text message.

{Photo by Geoff Duncan}

travel adventures: south of france

Posted on: Monday, October 10, 2016


Today I’m going to share photos from our second stop in Europe – the French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) in the South of France! People keep asking me what my favorite part of the trip was and while every single place we went was really unique and special, something about our time here felt extra magical. So right now, this might be my favorite! It felt truly like a vacation – very relaxing with nothing in particular to do or anywhere to go.


We flew into Nice from London and rented a car. We decided to stay in Antibes, which was a short drive from Nice. When getting recommendations from people about the South of France, it seemed like we really couldn’t go wrong in terms of what town to have as our “home base.” We ended up picking Antibes because it seemed fairly centrally located on the coast between Nice and Cannes. The town was fairly small (much smaller than places like Nice or Marseille) and peaceful and our Airbnb was right on the water.

Every day near the French Riviera was a little different, but strung together by some common themes: making expresso at home and sitting on our balcony, walking to the boulangerie (bakery) for croissants or quiche, wandering around Antibes or driving to a nearby town to wander around, exploring markets (my very favorite thing to do!) and local shops, finding a beach to read and lounge and swim at, taking a looooong lunch along the water (our go-to lunch as always mussels – so yummy! and rosé) and relaxing more along the water. In the evenings, we would watch the sunset on our balcony, drinking (more) rosé and eating cheese we picked up near the house.



View from our balcony!

One morning, we made the drive to Monaco and wandering around. The town was fancy and filled with casinos, upscale hotels, expensive cars everywhere and HUGE yachts in the harbors. It was fun to see all of the crazy fancy stuff! We kept pretending that someone might invite us onto their yacht to hang out with them, but sadly, didn’t happen. ;) Another morning, we drove to Cannes and wandered the insanely amazing farmer’s market and through the narrow streets, filled with pastel buildings and greenery. Literally, it was one of those CUTENESS OVERLOAD places.



We spent a looooot of time just lounging by the water. Some beaches we went to were Plage Passable, Plage de la Garoupe and Plage du Mouré Rouge, but honestly, if you’re visiting, no need to remember these specific beaches. Everywhere along the coast is beautiful and incredible so you really can’t go wrong!

I loved this Francis Scott Fitzgerald quote I read at a restaurant: “With our being back in a nice villa on my beloved Riviera (between Cannes and Nice) I’m happier than I’ve been for years. It’s one of those strange, precious, and all too transitory moments when everything in one’s life seems to be going well.” Amen, +1, YAS. I feel ya.



Here’s a few tips in case you’re considering a trip!
Get a rental car – we loved having the rental car because it gave us so much freedom and flexibility to go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. There’s a train that goes along the coast (here’s more info) but we stuck with transit by car. Plus, our GPS had a weirdly soothly voice, so that was a plus. ;)

Bring a blanket or big towel – I had a Turkish towel that we used literally every day on the entire trip. I used it as a scarf on the plane, but when traveling, we used it as our go-to beach blanket or picnic blanket. It was seriously the best thing I brought! It was great to throw in my bag every day at the different beaches, although some beaches allow you to rent a chair for the day.

Don’t over plan – one reason we loved this part of the trip was because we didn’t feel like we had an agonizing to-do list of things we wanted to see or had recommendations on. We literally had zero plans or specific recommendations from anyone on what to do or where to go and that took a lot of pressure off. We were able to just be spontaneous when we wanted and lazy when we wanted to without feeling bad. It was glorious!

Thanks for reading! A few more pics below.





Weekend Trip: Monterey County

Posted on: Friday, September 30, 2016

One of my very favorite things about living in San Francisco is how easy it is to get to some incredible places, like Yosemite, Wine Country, and Lake Tahoe, in just a short drive. Another super easy (and beautiful) drive is taking Highway 1 south to the Monterey County area. I’ve been down there several times and have stayed in different areas, from camping in Big Sur to different Airbnbs in small towns like Pacific Grove, Carmel and Seaside. I’ve even stayed at arguably the *best* Best Western along Highway 1 in Monterey County (LOL)!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of happy memories adventuring down to this part of California – from my first time down there ever with my mom, to getting engaged at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, to a recent visit to Monterey with my parents, E and my sister. I prefer to drive down Highway 1 if we have time, because the views are so stunning. I swear, every five minutes, I’m like PULL OVER! GOTTA TAKE A PIC!

At beach in Seaside!

At beach in Seaside!

Seaside, California

Now let’s talk food. When we’ve camped or stayed right in Big Sur, an absolute must has been going to Big Sur Bakery for ANY meal, or at the very least, pastries. Nepenthe is another great spot for sunset #magichour views and snacks. Here’s some other good food and drink recommendations for this area! One place on my list to try out is Big Sur Taphouse – I’ve heard amazing things from friends. When near the town of Monterey, I like to walk down the boardwalk (even though it’s soooo touristy) and try clam chowder. ;)

If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram photo or to leisurely (or not-so-leisurely depending on how far you go) enjoy the views of the ocean or the Monterey Country area, here’s my favorite spots:McWay Falls, Partington Cove Trail, Bixby Bridge and Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, and the legendary 17-Mile Drive through Carmel. You can also check out this list of outdoor activities if that’s your thing!


Bixby Bridge!

Pfeiffer Falls - approx. 2 mile hike

Pfeiffer Falls – approx. 2 mile hike

Another fun thing to do in Monterey County (or anywhere, IMO) is shopping! I think Carmel is the cutest town to wander and shop and they have tons of good stores. Downtown Monterey tends to be more tourist-y type shopping if you’re looking for that kind of thing.

Let me know if you have any Monterey area favorites so I can check them out next time I make the drive down! Also, #SeeMonterey is giving away a trip package, including 2 nights at Monterey Tides, 2 tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and a wine blending at Joullian Vineyards. To enter, just comment below sharing what activity you would like to do in Monterey County and a winner will be selected randomly. Good luck!

Downtown Monterey

Downtown Monterey

travel adventures: london!

Posted on: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hi friends! We just got back from our two week trip to Europe for our anniversary! Both E and I absolutely love traveling and exploring new cities and it was so fun to go to several new places on this trip. I’m going to be sharing photos and blog posts for each of our stops in Europe – London, the south of France / French Riviera, the Provence region and Paris – and highlight some of our favorite activities, places to eat/drink, where to explore, etc. To kick things off, I’m going to start with our first stop, London!

Where we stayed: The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch  | So many friends told me I would love this ‘hood and we really did! There were tons of places around there and the neighborhood was hip and trendy, kind of had SF Mission vibes. We loved staying at The Ace and especially loved that we could use their (non-touristy looking) bikes every day! Every day, the lobby was filled with people working on their computer or catching up over coffee and each evening, there was louder music or a DJ with people hanging out near the cool plant-filled (!!) bar. Plus, our room had a bathtub which is always ideal for me.

Where we ate & drank:
Poppies Fish & Chips for fish and chips (diner-y, but super tasty)
Fleet River Bakery
Wheatsheaf (near Borough Market)
Friends of Ours for a super yummy breakfast (I had corn and beet fritters topped with avo and a poached egg, E ordered corn and pancetta hash) and very cute vibes
Homeslice Pizza for late nice pizza slices
NOLA for yummy cocktails
BrewDog for amazing beer (looooooved this place and would go again anytime)
Boundary Rooftop (super awesome view!)
Beach Blanket Babylon (would recommend for cocktails only, no food)

Visiting the different markets around town: Borough Market was absolutely incredible with tons of food vendors, the huge Spitalfields Market where you can find “regular” stores like Lululemon, MAC, etc. but also food vendors and smaller shops, the stunning Sunday flower market on Columbia Road, and Camden Lock Market with soooo many shops, food vendors, everything – it was huge (but also a little more tourist-y and packed than I prefer).

Catching up and grabbing drinks with my good friend Courtney’s sister Carli and her husband Phil

Sunday morning yoga at ETHOS (thanks Classpass!)

Biking allllllll over the city and visiting all of the “London spots” like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Covent Gardens, etc.

NOT a highlight, but a funny story: all weekend, we were talking about how we were leaving London out of Heathrow Airport to get to France and discussing how to best get there. We ended up taking Uber to the tube (subway) and taking it over an hour to the airport. Once we got there (and literally, not until RIGHT when we got there), we realized we WENT TO THE WRONG AIRPORT. Gatwick airport would have been at least an hour taxi ride and we didn’t think we could make it. We ended up getting re-booked out of London City airport a few hours later (annnnnd went back on the tube for another hour). Soooo during our four day trip to London, we visited all three airports. Yay.

Have you been to London? I always love saving recommendations from friends so definitely let me know your favorite spots to visit and explore! xo

London 8

Breakfast at Friends of Ours

London 3

Big Ben!

London 9

London 10

London 6

Sooo many olives at the market!

London 5

London 4

London 7

London 2

London 1

The cutest flower shop

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