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books for baby

Posted on: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another baby post! 🙃

I will likely share more photos of baby’s room/nursery/closet after she arrives, but in the meantime, wanted to share a sneak peek at a little area within her room – her bookshelf! Both E and I looooove to read so it was a no brainer that we wanted to have lots of books for baby. I added quite a few to our baby registry and we received a few favorites that way, but other people have sent us so many other good ones! Her bookshelf is already full so we’re now trying to figure out where to put the rest of her books. A good problem to have! 📕 📚

E hung these white floating shelves and we’ve been adding books to the shelves as we receive them from generous friends and family. I wish we had space for MORE shelves because I love seeing all of the adorable and sweet books on display. I already can’t wait to read to her! 💛

Here are some of my favorite books we have for baby already! Everything is linked below (in random categories I made up for organization’s sake) and also available on this dedicated Amazon page! If you know someone having a baby soon, or want to stock up on your own little kids’ bookshelf at home, these are great options. 🙌🏼

Classics: Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft Book, Keep Curious and Carry a Banana: Words of Wisdom from the World of Curious George

Beautiful Covers/Cute Stories: Flora and the Flamingo, Gaston, Last Stop on Market Street

Color/Senses: TouchThinkLearn: Opposites, Pantone: Box of Color: 6 Mini Board Books, Technicolor Treasure Hunt

#girlpower: Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World, Little Feminist Board Book Set

SF/West Coast: San Francisco: A Book of Numbers, All Aboard! California, All Aboard! National Parks, All Aboard Pacific Northwest

Cult Faves (according to other moms): Dragons Love Tacos, Your Baby’s First Word will be DADA , Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Thanks for reading! And P.S., you can shop all my favorite books (and other products) on this dedicated Amazon page! I’ll be adding more and more stuff on there that I end up using in our apartment, for baby, etc.!

Photos by Hannah Pobar of Home Studio

statement art + gallery wall with minted

Posted on: Sunday, January 7, 2018

Up until recently, we had the same art hanging in our apartment (#aesfnest). In our living room, above our dining table (and previously above the couch), we had four vintage prints of San Francisco. They were a gift from my parents a few years ago and while I love them, I have been itching for a change in that room. In or bedroom, we have two gallery walls on either side of the bed and I’ve changed around some of the art over the last few years, but there were still some stragglers – pieces that weren’t great or contributing to the overall aesthetic but just there.

We don’t have a ton of wiggle room when it comes to moving furniture, so the best and easiest way to change up the overall look and feel of our living room was with a massive piece of statement art. And, I decided to kill two birds withd one stone (or online order?) and update our gallery walls to. Enter: Minted (also where I’ve purchased baby shower invites, wedding save the dates, thank you notes and other smaller prints). Today, I’m excited to share the new art prints in our apartment!


For the living room, I decided to GO BIG! This abstract piece immediately caught my eye. I thought the colors and somewhat floral aesthetic in the print would really work in the room. We have some light pink accent pieces (dining chair, some kilim pillows, etc.) and obviously have tons of greenery with our little plant fam! 🌿 I snagged the largest size – 30″ x 40″ and decided to spend a bit more to make sure the print was matted and framed (vs. canvas print or having to get it framed myself eventually). Based on some Pinterest inspiration (looking at you, Joanna Gaines) and out of laziness, I decided to not hang the piece and instead just lean against the wall. Right now, I like it that way but might eventually hang it up above the table. The piece is called Fresh Indigo and by Tennessee-based artist Laci Fowler.

I originally snagged the second, smaller piece for the bedroom gallery walls (more on that below) but accidentally measured incorrectly. So – for now, that print (CURAÇAO) is hanging out in living room too, but will eventually move into bedroom when I do a larger overall of the gallery walls!

Minted art in the living rom — Fresh Indigo and CURAÇAO


The pieces I wanted to swap out in the bedroom were smaller – both 5″ x 7″. As mentioned, I wanted the larger 8″ x 10″ print to work with where we had existing nails (can you tell I’m lazy?) in the wall, but it didn’t fit! We’ll see if these small prints stay in their current spot or how I’ll rearrange/build onto the gallery wall once I move the larger pieces around. Similar to the statement piece in the living room, the small prints I purchased – The Layers Beneath and Summer Skies, both in white frames, were also abstract and nature-inspired with pops of color. I love the deep shades of green and turquoise with hints of blush pink in both. Both of the smaller prints I added to the gallery walls in our bedroom were by Brooklyn-based mixed-media artist Lauren Packard.

Minted art in the bedroom — The Layers Beneath and Summer Skies


Thanks for reading, and thanks to Minted for partnering with me on this post and here’s links to the four art prints I snagged!

Fresh Indigo // CURAÇAO// The Layers Beneath // Summer Skies

beautiful utility: rug update in our kitchen

Posted on: Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hello friends! I’ve shared photos of my apartment on my blog before and often on Instagram (#aesfnest), but one room I don’t share a ton of photos of is our kitchen. The main apartment areas, our bedroom and living room, get really nice natural light and are fairly spacious, but our kitchen is…small. Tight, slightly crammed, poor lighting. Oh, and rental life means we, of course, didn’t get our choice in finishes and appliances (seriously, our stove and porch are miniature and way too small for tall people like E 😂).

Wayfair recently challenged me to add some beauty to a “utility” space in my home with a rug from the ELLE Décor Home Dynamix collaboration and I gladly accepted! Our kitchen, while the least perfectly styled or “beautiful” area in our apartment, gets a TON of use almost all day, every day. We both like to cook, so one or both of us are often in there making breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a little coffee station in there, as well as a wine fridge – two areas that are frequently visited. ☕️🍷 Jack’s food and water bowls are also in the kitchen, which automatically makes that area 100000x messier than other areas of the apartment.

I selected this rug from the collaboration’s Lyncrest collection . Previously, we had a thin throw rug in the kitchen that we purchased in Tulum and while I LOVED the pattern and color, it would get so dirty and it didn’t hold up at all when washed. Washing it was probably a massive mistake because it never looked the same after that. 😬 My new ELLE Décor Home Dynamix rug is machine-washable and has non-skid backings, so definitely holds up to the regular life wear and tear that happens in our kitchen. And, the rug is fade and stain resistant! The colors are muted blues/grays and white and the pattern is forgiving meaning we can spill all the things without it getting ruined immediately. I’m sure we’ll appreciate both of those practical and functional features even more when our little baby is here and crawling around, too!

Our kitchen primarily serves as a (very) utilitarian space in apartment, but I love that this new rug makes the room look nice, while still being super functional. We also try to spruce up the way the kitchen’s overall aesthetic by having some framed art above our coffee cart, displaying pretty marble platters and bowls on the counter, having plants hanging on the wall by the window and arranging succulents on the windowsill. PLANTS ARE MY #1 WAY TO MAKE ANY ROOM LOOK BETTER AND MORE ALIVE! 🌿🌵

Thanks to Wayfair for sponsoring this post and for the challenge to spruce up our kitchen with a new rug!

bar cart styling tips

Posted on: Monday, July 31, 2017

A few years ago, a friend gifted us with a rectangular gold bar cart and since, I’ve been obsessed with decorating the bar cart in different ways and moving it around in different areas of our apartment. Today, I wanted to show you the newest bar cart in our little nest and share a few bar car styling tips.

Recently, I received this cylinder gold bar cart from wayfair and I’m now having fun with the new decor challenge of styling this one in a different way. I moved the rectangular one into our kitchen, but might integrate into the bedroom in some way. For this new cylinder one, I placed it in our living room under our hanging shelves and next to a gold plant stand and big plant. In terms of what I’ve put on the bar cart, I’ve had to pair down the items since it’s much smaller! I like how this one is smaller so makes this particular corner in our living room a *little* less crowded, plus I like that each of the two tiers are mirrored.

So without further ado, here’s some of my bar cart styling tips and tricks!

Put the bottles with pretty labels front and center. My husband E has some really good bottles of whisky, but they didn’t make the bar cart cut this time because the bottle itself or label is just a little meh. Obviously, the whisky will still be enjoyed, but for now, the not-so-pretty bottles of booze are being stored in other spots rather than on this smaller bar cart. Interesting or pretty bottles of wine and liquor will make the cut! 🍷

And/or, get a decanter. That leads me to my next point – one way you can display booze is in a unique or pretty decanter. There are tons of options from Wayfair, but the one I have pictured here is just from a flea market (another great place to find bar cart swag). Decanters are a great way to not only store your liquor, but also add some personality and quirk to your bar cart, depending on the shape or size.

Put pretty glassware on display. Since we tend to drink wine mostly, I have wine glasses on the top shelf of the bar cart for easy access. I have some pretty patterned gold champagne glasses on display too. If you’re more of a cocktail fan, I would recommend getting cool glassware, like short and tall glasses or cocktail mugs. 🍸

Add some greenery/florals. This advice isn’t exactly limited to the bar cart, because I always recommend more plants and flowers in all areas of the home. But, I definitely like when our bar cart has a small plant or some pretty blooms on display. 🌿

Mix in some non-bar related accessories: I like to have some non-bar related accessories on the bar cart so it’s not just screaming BOOZE and instead, feels like an integrated piece in the larger space. On the larger bar cart I had, I had a globe on the bottom shelf which I think added a bit of whimsy and tied into other areas of the apartment (as we have travel photos, maps, etc. on display). You could also do a stack of pretty books, a candle or other home goods that aren’t bar/drinking related.

And, here’s a few more ideas just in case!

Incorporate framed art. if this bar cart were a little bigger, I would add some framed art to the top shelf. I had a print in a gold frame from our wedding on the bar cart earlier that looked really good with the gold bar cart, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit on this one!

Display cocktail making accessories – if you want to make your bar cart a little more functional (vs. more decorative like mine), you could add cocktail making accessories/gear like a shaker, jigger, ice bucket, strainer, muddler, etc. I would recommend storing these in a cute cup or bowl so they aren’t just haphazardly placed onto the bar cart. 😉

Store those “etc.” items. the bar cart is a great place to store coasters, fun cocktail napkins, a container of colorful or patterned straws, etc.

Why not display fresh fruit? if you’re hosting a cocktail party anytime soon, why not put a small bowl of lemons or limes on display on the bar cart? It’s a fun (and again, functional) way to add a pop of color to the bar cart.

As mentioned, this cylinder gold bar cart is much smaller than some other bar carts, so of course, I couldn’t incorporate all of the ideas I shared above. But, hopefully they give you some ideas on how you might style a bar cart in your own apartment or house. Thank you for reading and thank you wayfair for partnering with me on this post!

Photos by Lisha Wang

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