Thursday Thankful List

Posted on: Thursday, May 5, 2011

where can i purchase Lyrica >>>Today’s Thursday Thankful List is a little different than usual. Usually, I post little things that make life a little sweeter, a little better and a little more fulfilling. Today, I’ll be doing the same thing – but not little things. Today, I’m posting about people who made a BIG influence in my life and have been BIG sources of inspiration and encouragement, especially with my big move. Today, I want to highlight nine amazing ladies who have been nothing but supportive to me and, in turn, have made my life a little sweeter, a little better, and a LOT more fulfilling. I am truly, truly grateful and thankful for the absolute fabulousness they add to my life! Here they are:

>>>Kailey lived in San Francisco a few summers ago and I immediately went to her for advice about moving from the Midwest to the West Coast. Previously, I had followed her blog and said hi to her when she visited Athens. She told me the good, the bad and the ugly (mostly good, very good!) and was honest and open with me about her experiences here. I remember vividly what one e-mail said to me: Here’s what really matters though: where you feel the pull. If your heart and head agree, go for it. Wise, wise words. She continues to be an encouraging and optimistic queen; now just one of my much better “real life” friends.

>>>Ali has been a constant friend – remember when I blogged about her here? She is someone who is a year younger than me, but has more poise and confidence than many people I know who are much older. She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of my move; and more importantly – constantly is texting/tweeting/communicating with me and catching up. She is SUCH a good friend. [Plus, she’s about to be the face of E! News if you ask me!]

>>>Aunt Lynette: I actually called my aunt before I told my parents about the official job offer out here. She is someone I’ve looked up to for a really long time for her wisdom. She speaks the truth in love. What I mean is this: she isn’t afraid to tell me things that I don’t want to hear, but will tell them in a way that is not at all condescending, but instead full of love. She is always available to ask advice or questions and is someone always praying for me and challenging me to be the best person I can be. Below she’s pictured with her daughter, my cousin and best friend, Erin who has been equally amazing during this transition in my life!

>>>I owe a lot to Rayne, who opened up her home to me and has taken me under her wing since I moved to California. I had never met her until she picked me up from the airport and she has become a great friend. We knew each other through blogging with 8 Women Dream, and when I announced to the bloggers my job offer, she immediately said “Stay with us!” Her and her husband not only let me stay in their house for three weeks, but mentored me, encouraged me and just treated me like a daughter and friend. She helped me move into San Francisco earlier this week and is someone I am truly thankful for.

>>>My three mini me’s (they probably hate that I just said that) hold me together. Whether or not they are making me laugh hysterically through their insane stories and texts or listening to me ramble on about a long day, they are always there. It’s so odd being the oldest, because I’m learning things from these three girls all the time. I am so blessed to have individual relationships with all three of them and when we are together, we always have the best times (despite minor arguments about who is wearing who’s clothes). 

 >>>I actually don’t believe that I only met Calla this year. She feels like a long lost soul sister. She is a constant source of positive energy, optimism and passion. For example, days leading up until my big move, she would post pictures of SF and songs about California on my Facebook to get me excited. She’s literally my #1 cheerleader and reminds me that life is too short to live unhappily. I remember exactly what she told me when I moved: True friendship knows no distance. And she’s proved it! We continue to talk often from across the country – fingers crossed she will move here!

>>>My mom is a friend, a parent, a cheerleader, a role model, a leader, an advocate. I know it hasn’t been easy to see her baby girl move so far away, but she’s kept a smile on her face about everything. I’ve called her frantically excited, frantically nervous, frantically upset – and calm a few times, I guess – and she has a way of calming me down and giving me perspective. I recently re-read an e-mail she sent to be one of my first days here: Love you!  Don’t worry. We are always here to help. Trust.  Breathe.

>>>To the ladies above, thank you, thank you, thank you for the joy you’ve added to my life and continue to add. This list is in no way, shape or form extensive – because I definitely have so many more people I feel thankful for! For a list of more things I’m thankful for, check out last week’s post! Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy positive Thursday! xo

  • Kailey (SnackFace)

    Honey, I am so honored and touched by your kind words! I had no idea I’d even helped at all, let alone be enough of a help to be mentioned! This is really what I needed today, too. I’ve had such a down week that it’s nice and uplifting to see your bright spirit shine through in this post. So thank YOU!

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